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San Antonio Back In Expansion Race?

As one of Texas’ Major League Soccer teams struggles to remain viable in the face of poor results on the field and even worse ones in the stands, another city in the Lone Star State could be stepping back into the debate on future MLS expansion. San Antonio, the city that flirted with landing a team of their own back in 2005, could again be throwing their name back into the ring, depending on the outcome of the upcoming mayoral election…

…San Antonio has several things going for it that could make it a good fit for an expansion franchise, in my opinion. The estimated 2007 population is 1,328,984, making it the seventh-largest city in America, just behind Philadelphia, a city who was granted an expansion team for the 2010 season.

MLS Expansion Candidate: San Antonio

As long as the ownership group is solid, and the team and city can come to an agreement on getting a SSS built as soon as possible, San Antonio has all the making of a fantastic MLS market…

Match Fit USA hereby bestows upon the City of San Antonio the rating of five “MFUSAs” (that’s pronounced “ma-fu-sa”) as a potential MLS market.

Would, Could, Should MLS go to San Antonio?

As a former resident and frequent visitor to the Alamo City, I have to say I find the idea appealing to say the least. For all the reasons TJ and Jason cite, San Antonio would be an ideal market…

…It’s (San Antonio) a wonderful place to be. I would love for the place to have an MLS franchise, because its size, Hispanic identity and geographic location make it ideal. So, you go SA. Get that team.

MLS To San Antonio: Version 2.0?

This news is big to me since I was born and raised in San Antonio and I know first hand about the politics that goes around in the city. So it took me a while to think about this and I feel that San Antonio is more suited for USL-1 at this moment instead of MLS due to these factors…

…Besides, USL-1 need new teams to replace Portland & Vancouver in 2011 and San Antonio would be perfect for Texas to have 2 MLS teams & 2 USL-1.

And I for one as a member of Chantico’s Army, the Austin Aztex supporters group, would love to have The Crocketteers on the pro soccer bandwagon rather if it’s MLS or USL-1.


Michael Macias