It might seem odd when you read the following statement:

“Let’s find inspiration in a bunch of SoBs.”

Over two and half years ago, a group of guys came together to form Philadelphia’s Official Soccer Supporters Group, The Sons of Ben (SoB). They officially formed on Benjamin Franklin’s birthday, January 17th of 2007.

The Sons of Ben began during a flurry of rumors regarding Major League Soccer’s negotiations with investors regarding a team located in the Philadelphia region. – Wikipedia

Funny… We, in San Antonio, as of late have been reading about similar rumors, albeit for the USL.  A little over 13 months after the founding of The Sons of Ben, the city of Philadelphia was awarded the 16th team in Major League Soccer.

They started out as 6 individuals and two and half years later, they are over 4,000 strong.

With the announcement of Philadelphia’s team name, crest, and colors arriving yesterday, I raise my glass to a bunch of SoBs for showing the way for a soccer supporters group to reach success, even if it is still a year away before the Philadelphia Union take the pitch.

Let’s look to the SoBs for inspiration my fellow Crocketteers. With dedication and some patience, we too will have our day in the sun.

If you are in the San Antonio area or if you are tied in any way to San Antonio and have a little passion for the sport of soccer, we encourage you to Join San Antonio’s Premier Soccer Supporters Group. Like The Sons of Ben, membership is free.

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