I don’t like soccer.  It’s that simple.  Now, you are probably wondering why I’m writing this for a site devoted to bringing soccer to San Antonio, and that is an excellent question.  As for the answer, well that gets a little more complicated.  You see, for all that I love to watch most sports, I just can’t seem to get excited about soccer.

As I have told Mike a number of times, soccer is just boring.  Eleven men per side, jogging back and forth kicking a ball and then faking injuries just doesn’t interest me.  However, Mike keeps claiming that soccer involves more than that, that it involves things like defense, crisp passes and accurate shooting.  Since these are the things that I treasure and love about basketball and hockey I’ve agreed to give soccer a chance.

To that end over the next few days I’m going to be watching some soccer, with the U.S.A vs. Costa Rico in a World Cup qualifier on Wednesday and then on Friday going to Austin and watching the Aztex take on the Charleston Battery.  During this time I will be writing about my hopefully enjoyable experiences, as I try to learn to enjoy the “beautiful” game.  Hopefully by the end of this time, I will have learned to love the game and be ready to be a fan when San Antonio gets a team.