Last night’s game in Austin was a blast! Very exciting night for me as I was not only able to watch some live soccer action so close to home, but I also met some important people who could potentially be influential to the Crocketteers future.

After a 2 – 0 loss by the Aztex to the Charleston Battery (a great team in the USL-1 division), we Crocketteers met up with the Chantico’s Army (Aztex Fan Club) at their regular hangout, Cuatros.

Chantico's Army (June 5, 2009 Aztex vs Battery)

Chantico's Army (June 5, 2009 Aztex vs Battery)

It was at Cuatros where myself, and my cousin Michael Macias, were introduced to Mr. Phil Rawlins, owner of the Austin Aztex and part owner of Stoke City FC in the EPL.  After being introduced to Mr. Rawlins, we also met Austin Aztex coach, Mr. Adrian Heath, and General Manager for Charleston Battery, Mr. Mike Anhaeuser.  All soccer enthusiasts, they were especially welcoming and especially grateful for our visit to Austin to watch the Aztex play.

Let me also take the time to thank Matthew Gray (mgrayscale on BigSoccer), President of  the Austin Aztex fan club Chantico’s Army, for hosting the Crocketteers and hooking all of us up with tickets to the game. Hopefully, in the future we can return the favor and party on the riverwalk.

Also had some Crocketteer faithfuls at the game, James Hope & Daniel Rodriguez.  James (jhope on BigSoccer) certainly proved himself to be a great knowledge base with the economic aspect of soccer as well as a general soccer fan. Daniel (Danilo on BigSoccer), a recent transplant to San Antonio (originally from Venezuela), was also right there with us meeting and greeting these new, influential people.

Lastly, and certainly not least, on our way out the door, Michael, Daniel, James, and myself got into a very good conversation about soccer here in San Antonio with Mr. Eric Vormelker (VioletCrown on BigSoccer).  Eric does the stats for the Austin Aztex and is also a member of Chantico’s Army.  This is where James really demonstrated his familiarity with the economic aspect of bringing soccer to our city.

One way or another, last night seemed to me to be a great night for the Crocketteers as we are working to establish a solid relationship with some strong soccer fans, faithful to soccer and dedicated to spreading soccer around Texas.

Victory or Death!

Thanks for reading guys! and feel free to correct any errors I may have made! 😛

– Sergio J. Macias (ChexMex on BigSoccer)

PS I would definitely like to make it back out to Austin to watch some more games, and hopefully share some more drinks at Cuatros!