First off… Welcome to the newest members of the Crocketteers! Thanks for joining the group. You most likely heard about our group and purpose at Lion and Rose (Broadway & Park North) when a group of us were handing out the fliers seen below (I’ve attached printable copies of the fliers at the bottom of the post)


You have joined the group at an early time in our existence. Our website is just about 3 months old and we started out as 6 friends. It was at the Lion and Rose at Park North that we decided to put the group together. We all felt the same passion for the game of soccer and we all agreed how great it would be if we could see and support a professional soccer team locally. After seeing the immediate success in Seattle (in an NFL stadium too), realizing we are the 7th largest US city, and knowing what a great urban atmosphere downtown San Antonio offers, we knew in our minds there was no question that San Antonio could support a Major League Soccer franchise. Today we are roughly over  80  95 people in total (combination of unique people on facebook or directly signed up on

With that said, we are fully aware that the USL is looking at the San Antonio market for another team in their first division. Although we strive to bring the highest brand of professional soccer to San Antonio, we agree that we, the Crocketteers, will also support a USL-1 franchise making an immediate rival with our friends to the North, the Austin Aztex.  A few weeks ago 11 of us joined Chantico’s Army (Supporters Group of the Aztex) in watching the World Cup Qualifying match between the United States and Costa Rica and later in the week watching the Aztex host the Charlestion Battery.

For a nice recap of our time in Austin, please read “Big Night for the Crocketteers!” by Sergio Macias and Sam’s “My First Live Soccer Game”. We were fortunate to hang out with Chantico’s Army after the game and meet the owner of the Aztex, Phil Rawlins, and their manager, former Everton star, Adrian Heath. Subsequently, the Crocketteers received a friendly e-mail from Kay Rawlins, Head of Client and Community Services, recognizing our efforts in attending their match. She has invited us to attend the Copa Aztex July 18th at the University of Texas in Austin. Cruz Azul and Tigres will be playing a match that day along with other soccer related activities on the grounds of UT. I invite you all to join us in another road trip up I-35 and see some top-notch futbol action.

Again I want to thank all of you for joining our group within the last week. I got a chance to speak to a few  of you briefly and I know some of you plan to encourage your friends to join our group. I want to reiterate that nothing is required of you as a member of the Crocketteers. When we do get a team to support, then we can make simple requirements to maintain membership but nothing too significant. For those of you who want to contribute more, feel free to ask how you can help. We are always open to new bloggers for the website. With that said, I hope you all can at least spread the word about the Crocketteers and help drive our membership numbers up. One member, James Hope, had the great idea of getting business cards made for the group to hand out at soccer events, get togethers, etc…

Lastly, we will plan to have a meeting for anyone who would like to help come up with various ideas and strategies to discuss making the Crocketteers a real success and taking the group to a new level.

Again, Welcome to the Crocketteers!


Single Flier (jpeg)

Double Flier (pdf)


Michael Macias