Update 8-18-2009: We are maxed out at 19 players for our team and have registered us with SASA. If you haven’t already, please turn in your player form/money/picture(1.5X1.5).

I also ordered our jerseys last week at Soccer World Plus (http://www.soccerworldtx.com). Thanks to our lead sponsor (shown) Northwestern Mutual Financial Network and our supporting sponsor Spitfire Auto Electric for providing us with these great looking jerseys.

Original Post:

Are you interested in playing organized soccer with the Crocketteers?

The Crocketteers are planning to field a team in the upcoming Fall 2009 season of the San Antonio Soccer Association.

Details: We are hoping to have 16-18 players (or more).  Games are typically played Sunday mornings (9 or 11 am). Our team will play 10 games. Once we solidfy our team, we can make a team decision on what divison we should play in. So far the majority of interested people have been male and we have one female inquiry. I will call SASA to see if they allow 1 or 2 girls in the Men’s team or how many females are needed to qualify for Co-Ed. The season starts August 30, 2009.

Cost: To field a team it will cost us $750.00 plus $45.00 a game for referree fees ($45.00 x 10 = $450.00). In addition to that, our team must give a $200 refundable team bond. We will get the $200 refunded to us granted we are not involved in fighting incidents. That totals to $1400 to field a team. 

If we have 16 players, each player will have to bring to the table $88.00 ($12.50 refundable at end of season). If we have 18 players, each player pays $78.00 ($11.00 refundable at end of season).  When taking into account the refund and with 18 players, in reality the player fees are $67.00. If we choose to play the following Spring season and if we are all in agreement, we can apply the refunded money back toward the following season.

I’ve spoken to a few people about the cost. We want to explore getting sponsored to help cover some costs. Maybe putting company logos on the uniform. One person is going to ask his employer about doing such a thing. I think its a great idea and the team can explore this.

Practices: Once we get a significant amount of interest, we can think about getting together to practice. I have a pair of good size pop up goals for our use. I also have some venues in mind where we can practice.

Uniforms: TBD. I would like for us to have some decent uniforms but at the same time affordable. I know on ebay we can get pro style replicas (jersey and shorts) shipped at about  $23.00 per player. This includes custom name/numbering. Example: Chelsea replica . Again let’s explore getting sponsored to help cover costs.

If you want to be a part of our team, please e-mail me at [email protected] with your information (full name, phone number). If you haven’t already, please Join the Crocketteers Supporters Group.

If you want to discuss anything concerning our team, you can do so on our facebook group page, bigsoccer forum, or simply comment on this post.


Michael Macias