I am pleased to unveil the first ever Official Crocketteers Crest/Shield/Logo.

Crocketteers Shield Main

The colors were chosen for multiple reasons. San Antonio is a military city and this represents that sector well. The Alamo is also a “tan” mission and so was that era during the Battle of The Alamo. The architecture of The Alamo is captivated in the curvature of the top of our crest. 

The antique looking soccerball is being intercepted by two cannons signifying our defense of The Alamo. The ball is looking to “score” by striking the Alamo, but the Defense will not let it pass. Some may say the ball looks like a volleyball. It may seem so. But it is in fact a vintage soccerball. See Manchester United’s crest as they use a similar ball. 

The frontmost cannon reads “Victory or Death” as written in a letter of William B. Travis To the People of Texas and All Americans in the World. The back cannon signifies “Support” and “Teamwork” as it is actively backing it’s counterpart. 

At the Top, is the The Lone Star. This represents our Great State of Texas and our flag. This is followed by our group name (in our font) and finished with the year of our establishment, 2009. 

Our amateur soccer team will wear this crest with pride starting August 30, 2009 as we try to have a winning season in Division 3 of San Antonio Soccer Association Fall 2009 season.

Victory or Death!


Michael Macias