Last Friday’s meeting was a success! We had about 40 people attend our first meeting. I opened the meeting with an overview about where we are as a supporters group and how important it is for us to grow our base. We understand that we will have different levels of support from our members and we are fine with that. Some people will be more active than others but nonetheless, it is key that we open our doors and reach out to all soccer fans in the San Antonio area.

A huge thank you goes out to Dr. Ed. Sakiewicz for giving a great overview of the professional soccer situation locally. Ed went on to discuss the upcoming Texas Pro Soccer Festival. The Crocketteers will want to help out in making this event a success and at the same time, take advantage of the opportunity to promote and grow the Crocketteers. I foresee future meetings with Ed, where I can further discuss the Crocketteers involvement. In the meantime, we should strive to increase our numbers and when the festival does come around, we will have a significant presence.

I encourage everyone to get involved on our forum (@ BigSoccer) and start discussing our most important goal as pointed out in the meeting: Increase our membership base. A few Crocketteers have already started to ideate on this very goal. I want to collect as many ideas from members to further discuss in a future Crocketteers meeting.

Victory or Death


Michael Macias