Location: Argentina is located in the Southern part of South America and is known as a country that is extremely passionate about soccer.

Prior Appearances: Argentina has played in 14 World Cups

Best Performance: Argentina won the World Cup twice, in Argentina 1978 and Mexico 1986.

Argentina is a country that has many excellent soccer players, but in the qualifier to the 2010 World Cup was very close to not qualifying to the World Cup, finishing in 4th place in the South American qualifier with 28 points, just 5 points more than the 6th place, that doesn’t get a spot in the World Cup.
Leo Messi is Argentina’s super star. A player with an amazing speed, long distance shot and a dribble that has left many people laying flat on the ground. When a player is good, teams double team on that player. To stop Leo Messi, it takes 3 or 4 players.

The other person to follow in Argentina is their coach, Diego Maradona. The reason I pick him, is that Messi is a super star playing in his club team (Barcelona), but for some reason when Messi plays with Argentina he dissapoints all his fans. For Argentina to win the World Cup, Maradona has to make Messi feel as if he’s playing with Barcelona and surround him with the players that he needs to shine. Messi shines when he plays as an attacking midfielder with one forward in front of him and two fast wingers to pull the defense to the wings and give Messi the freedom to do his magic.

Danilo’s Prediction: Semi-Finals


Location: Nigeria is located on the West coast of Central Africa, it is also the most populous country in Africa.

Prior Appearances: Nigeria has played in 3 World Cups.

Best Performance: Nigeria has reached the round of 16 twice in 1994 and 1998.

Nigeria is known for producing many excellent young players, has a good national team that just needs a little more to be a real contender for the World Cup.

In Africa, 5 groups of 4 teams are formed and the winner of each group goes to the World Cup. Nigeria won it’s group with 12 points, closely followed by Tunisia with 11 points.

Obafemi Martins is getting back to his old self and is shining once again in his team in Germany where he won the German tournament last year.
Uche has been playing many years in Spain, one of the best leagues in the World and is known for his speed and scoring skills.

Danilo’s Prediction: Round of 16


Location: Greece is located in the South-East part of Europe.

Prior Appearances: Greece has played in 1 World Cup in 1994

Best Performance: Greece lost all their games in 94, didn’t score a goal and received 10 goals in 3 games. But don’t be misled by their 1994 participation, because Greece won the 2004 European tournament of nations, known as the second most important nations tournament after the World Cup.

Greece is one of the few teams that got to the World Cup without having to play any power house.
The toughest team that Greece had to play was Switzerland, Greece ended up in 2nd place in their group, so had to
play 2 games against Ukraine (2nd place in another group) for a spot in the World Cup.

Greece was also lucky by playing Ukraine, instead of other teams such as France, Portugal, etc.
In both games against Ukraine, only 1 gol was scored, the one that gave Greece a spot in the World Cup.
Karagounis is the leader of the greek team. He’s a all-terrain midfielder, plays defense and creates opportunities for the forwards. Kyrgiakos is the only Greek player that plays in a big European team, he’s very good in the air and defending.

Danilo’s Prediction: First Round

South Korea

Location: South Korea is located on the korean peninsula between China and Japan.

Prior Appearances: South Korea has played in 7 World Cups and was the co-host of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup.

Best Performance: In 2002, they got their best finish in a World Cup by getting to the World Cup semifinal. But that great accomplishment has a sore note, because South Korea received the fastest goal in World Cup history in the 3rd place game by Turkish player Hakan Sukur in only 11 seconds.

In the 2002 World Cup there was a lot of controversy and many accusations that referees helped South Korea during the tournament, so South Korea is a very hated team in the soccer World.

South Korea had to play in a tough group to get to the World Cup, playing North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran and United Arab Emirates. South Korea won the group and earned a spot in the World Cup.

Park Ji-Sung is South Korea’s star, he plays for Manchester United in England, one of the best teams in the World, a player known for his speed and strength.

Park Chu-Yong is a young player that is shining in his team in France.

Danilo’s Prediction: First Round