Crocketteers, we need your help. Our group has two entries in this years US Soccers Best of 2010 awards finals. All we need for you to do is vote.

Uncle Sam, (Daniel Suarez) Has been nominated for Best Fan Costume titled “I want you”

Freetail Brewing Company (our sponsor) Has been nominated for Best Soccer Bar.

You can vote every day between now and December 10th! Please vote every day and pass the link onto all your friends.

Here are the details:
fans have the opportunity to determine the best moments by participating in the 2010 Best of U.S. Soccer Awards. You can cast your vote in each of the categories, and there are videos and pictures to help you remember some of the big events throughout the year. You can only vote once a day in each category but that shouldn’t stop you from coming back again from now until the voting ends on Dec. 10.


James Hope


President of the Crocketteers