The Crocketteers are pleased to announce the addition of the Alamo City Ultras to the Crocketteers family. The Alamo City Ultras are the first independently managed subgroup of the Crocketteers.

The Alamo City Ultras represent the hardcore football fans who wish to stand and chant in support of our pro team and will do so in fanatical fashion. 

“Alamo City Ultras has taken a new step in bringing pro soccer to San Antonio, with joining the Crocketteers,”  Gilbert Soto, Founder of the Ultras, states. “We look foward to working as a branch of the Crocketteers to ignite the passion for soccer that this city holds.”

Simply put, the Ultras will be the “front line” of the Crocketteers. They will strive to get the entire Crocketteers supporters section chanting and to spread infectious fanatical support throughout the stadium.

“We are excited to have the Alamo City Ultras joining under the banner of the Crocketteers,” remarks James Hope, President of the Crocketteers.  “The passion the Ultra’s will bring to our organization is one that truely fits the mantra of the Crocketteers.  We look forward to growing the game in San Antonio together.” will be updated to facilitate obtaining information about the Alamo City Ultras including information on membership into this distinct branch of the Crocketteers. We recommend visiting our Forum to discuss more details with the leadership. More details to be released as they become available.


Michael Macias