by Chris Hockman-San Antonio Soccer Examiner

The largest debate in San Antonio surrounding soccer is stadiums. With Gordon Hartman having his request for government funding for a stadium for NASL’s San Antonio Scorpions shut down.

It’s not all bad for Hartman who has vowed to find a way to bring about a stadium for his club even if it takes funding it from his own pocket, a decision that must be commended, with Hartman putting his money where his mouth is.

Remarkably San Antonio could see four soccer stadiums in the next few years, and that’s excluding the stadium already built in Cibolo, just outside of San Antonio.

Obviously Scorpions Stadium looms as a possibility, there is no doubt something needs to happen with this stadium soon if the Scorpions are to begin play for the 2012 NASL season.

Beyond that there are three other proposals for soccer stadia in San Antonio.

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