On March 5, 1836, standing inside the Alamo, Colonel William B. Travis drew a line in the sand asking his troops to “Cross the Line” and fight for what they believe in. Today, we as soccer fans in San Antonio face a different challenge. A challenge to support our pro soccer team, which is only as strong as the group that supports them.

Therefore, we, the Crocketteers, ask you to take the next step. Join with us as a member of The Brigade.

For only $25 you can become a part of The Brigade and will receive our newest Crocketteers scarf, ” You may all go to Hell. I will go to Texas”, a membership card denoting you as a member of The Brigade, which allows you to receive discounts on food, drinks and merchandise from several different sponsors and partners. Plus special events, and giveaways exclusive to paid members. But most importantly you will be part of the largest soccer supporters group in Texas.

The Alamo defenders remind us why people fight for a cause. It’s time for San Antonio soccer fans to take up this cause to support our soccer team. The line in the sand has been drawn.

For all new members who sign up on August 10th, you will receive a free beer courtesy of the Crocketteers. We now have a team in San Antonio to support, the San Antonio Scorpions and it’s time to CROSS THE LINE.


4035 N Loop 1604 W Ste 105
San Antonio, Texas


Wednesday, August 10, 2011…6:30 pm


Sign up new Brigade Members and Watch USA vs Mexico.

The United States has a shot at redemption after a painful loss in the final of the CONCACAF Gold Cup. They are set to square off with Mexico in what is sure to be a not so friendly friendly match. There technically might not be anything on the line, but rest assured, the rivalry is going to draw the best out of both teams.

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James Hope


President of the Crocketteers