By Chris Hockman, San Antonio Soccer Examiner

Jay Demerit is the subject of a new feature film Rise and Shine: The Jay Demerit Story, which will be released in San Antonio on November 3rd 2011, the San Antonio Soccer Examiner discussed the film and Demerit’s career in an interview.
San Antonio Soccer Examiner: How much does it mean to see this picture made, through Grassroots funding?
Jay Demerit: It’s amazing, when you originally get approached… it’s hard to know what to think until it all pans out. Originally I wasn’t that excited about it, do I really want to watch a picture about me? But you realize it’s not about me it’s about the story. For me it’s turned into something that’s been humbling.

SASE: How does it feel to bring together disparite groups, like the Inferno and Texian Army?
JD: It’s great, that’s what you realize about the soccer community, it’s a community. Soccer is soccer, again for me to be the subject of that is great and recognizing what the story means to the community… ultimately that’s what I am, I’m just a member of the community.

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