Jakob Willman, Director of Football Club Ops

SAN ANTONIO – The Crocketteers, San Antonio’s original soccer supporters group, have named Jakob Willmann Director of Football Club Operations. Jakob has been a cardholding member of the Crocketteers since 2009 and was the original goalkeeper for the first ever Crocketteers FC team. Today, Jakob plays for the Crocketteers Open team.

“I am excited to be taking on this new position in the club,” remarked Jakob Willman on acceptance of the role. “I really want to help grow the Football Club element of the Crocketteers for two reasons, to help the Crocketteers reach a larger group of soccer fans and to help bring amatuer soccer in San Antonio to the next level.”

Crocketteers Football Club has grown from 1 team in the Spring of 2009 to 5 teams in the Spring of 2012 with the potential of adding 3 more teams under the Crocketteers banner for a grand total of 8 teams. “With my responsibilities to the Supporters’ Club (SC) side being my top Crocketteers priority, I recognized we needed to find someone to focus solely on running the Football Club”, noted Rich Moore, Vice President of the Crocketteers. Rich previously had led operations of the club side of the Crocketteers and was instrumental in adding to the club an Over 30 team as well as an Over 40 side.

“Like the Crocketteers Supporters group was created to hep facilitate the creation of pro soccer in San Antonio, I hope the Crocketteers Football Club can facilitate the expansion of the amatuer soccer options in San Antonio,” added Jakob. “I believe these two go hand in hand.”

Crocketteers Football Club consist of the following teams:

  • Crocketteers Premier (SASA)
  • Crocketteers Open (SASA)
  • Crocketteers Over 30 (SASA)
  • Crocketteers Over 40 (SASA)
  • Crocketteers U-14 (NEYSO)


  • Crocketteers Co-Ed (TBA)
  • 2 More teams (TBA)

Questions concerning the football club can be directed to Jakob Willman at [email protected].