So im a couple days late, sorry I thought I published this.

Yay! We won 1-0 in stoppage time! WIth our C+ team against a pretty good Venezuela team that looked poor all game.

There wasn’t much to brag about on the win. Although, I must admit I was impressed with Geoff Cameron (Houston Dynamo). Which is a sigh of relief since Gooch and Tim Ream sometimes scare me back there, its good to know that we are starting to see some good CB’s. Sorry Gonzalez you just moved down the pecking order to #4 in my book and JK little black book.

And that does it for the good news, here comes the bad.

Jermaine Jones had flashes of brilliance being a general in the midfield, and taking charge. Stopping plays, creating, and just being that intimidation that we have known from JJ. Yet, he still showed the bad side of JJ that we have come to know which is giving away poor balls and fouling unnecessary. Im starting to wonder if #dareisayhisname Michael Bradley who has been starting and going the full 90 at Chievo in Italy is moving up in the pecking order.

Benny F. – What can I say about Benny that has not been said before? Much like JJ, he showed flashes of creativity most notably that sweet pass to Brek Shea. Yet, Im still not sure on him. How does he fit JK system? He needs to be more creative in the midfield, keeping those nice passes coming which im not sure if he can do for the full 90.

Forwards that go backwards. Seriously whats it gonna take for our Strikers to score a goal. JEEEZZ!! The kid in the stand with the horrible acne has gotten more action than our strikers lately and he only got to first base. If we have to leave it up to #gasp Ricardo Clark to win the game for us, we are in for some scary times. I know we still have the double D’s in Dempsey and Donavon but seriously they play better when they are in the withdraw striker position. We still need our #1 strikers to put the ball in the back of the net.

And thats about all the players who even showed up for the USA on Saturday night. Anyone make an impression for you?


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