For most people around the world, futbol is a time of joy and excitement. This week violence corrupted the game I love when politics and the game were mixed for a political agenda that resulted in 71 confirmed deaths and countless injured (at last count 1,700 people have been affected by the riots aftermath).  Words can’t describe the pain in my stomach to think a game I love can be corrupted and turned to propaganda to fuel the ousting of a leader.

Today there are no puns, no satire, and no sarcastic one liners to actions by the supporters of the teams, military, police or political supporters for that matter. Just sadness that human nature can be used against itself to hurt another person and hurt the very thing that usually brings joy to people faces.

As we look to the future we can only hope that this teaches us humans to feel again of the bond of what a simple round ball can do in a patch of grass. To unite a people torn by political unrest that humans have something inside them that can say this has gone to far or this isn’t right. Its not worth it. This is not how to voice your love for your team or country. Futbol and politics do not mix. When they do you have futbol en riot. You have war.

I leave the readers with quotes from some of the soccer players who were at the game.

“In the end, it turned into a state of madness without any role for the security in the stands. We tried to save the lives of some of the fans, but many died before our eyes.” Al-Ahly assistant coach Pedro Barny

“One of the fans died in the dressing room” -Ahmed Nagi, Ahly goalkeeping coach

“This is not football. This is a war and people are dying in front of us. – Ahli player Mohamed Abo Treika

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