Scorpions Stadium First Phase Renderings

Per the San Antonio Scorpions Twitter page, “On Wednesday, Feb 29th at 10am the Scorpions will break ground on the new Scorpions Stadium adjacent to¬†@MorgansWndrlnd” with a link to the invitation.

February 29th will be a great day for San Antonio and Scorpions Owner Gordon Hartman should be championed for overcoming many obstacles to achieve such a feat.

This is very exciting news for soccer supporters of San Antonio longing not only for a team to call their own but for a Soccer Specific Stadium (SSS) to capture great moments in.

Hartman and the rest of the Scorpions front office should be commended for all their hard work in making the Scorpions a true model for the rest of NASL. It is easy to see how San Antonio has become the envy of the league and other team supporters.

We encourage all Crocketteers to make it out to the construction site (across Morgan’s Wonderland) on February 29th 10:00 AM for what will truly be a historic event not only for San Antonio Pro Soccer but for the continued growth of soccer in the United States.

The Scorpions Front Office also leaked a picture of the Bud Light Beer Garden via their Facebook page. (See Below)

Bud Light Beer Garden at Scorpions Stadium

Again, we look forward to seeing supporters and their scarves displayed proudly at the February 29th event.