By Andrew Arellano- Bexar Co. Foot

Thoughts on general preparation for the team thus far.

We’re in our third week, the first and foremost foundation block, you want to establish, is building your base fitness, without believing in your fitness level, players don’t want to support, they don’t run without the ball, you can’t press teams, your intensity at training is at a lower level, then it is playing at match conditions and once you have that down it allows you to move onto other things.

The second thing that has to come is trust between players, if you’re a striker, you’re not gonna go and make a brake away run if you don’t believe anyone will give you the ball …. if you’re a midfielder and you have a man on your back, the defender has to believe that he can roll the ball under your feet and your gonna retain possession, so building that trust between players, which also comes from just getting to know each other’s capabilities and qualities is the second factor. Once that starts happening you can start moving the ball and work with creative ideas and with creative ideas create scoring chances – trust is important.

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