By David Casares- Lone Star Sports Ledger.

Legend has it that on March 3, 1836, during the final days of the Alamo, understanding the grave danger his all-volunteer army faced, Lt. Col William B. Travis pointed his sword to the ground, drew a line in the sand, and asked his men to cross the line of no return.
‘Crossing the line’ symbolized the soldiers willingness to die fighting rather than surrender alive. By most accounts, approximately 250 men crossed the line that fateful day.
On March 6, 2010, a core group of faithful San Antonio soccer supporters were asked to ‘cross the line’. Although the situation was not as dire as Lt. Col. Travis’, the same was being asked of this all volunteer army.
That day began an extraordinary movement for soccer in San Antonio.
250 charter members now known as the Travis 250, enlisted into San Antonio’s newest soccer support group, and stepped forward swearing to fight for and defend their team.
Only one problem. There was no team.

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