‘Revenge’ appears to be the rallying cry this week for Tamp Rowdies players and supporters.

Scanning this week’s Twitter feeds revealed that Tampa Bay is having a difficult time coming to grips with the 2-0 thrashing San Antonio gave them last Saturday at Heroes Stadium.

Losing sucks. Good thing we get to play san antonio again this weekend at home. Going to work hard this week w a chip on my shoulder…(@dizzydaniel9  F-Daniel Antoniuk)

Yes, agreed. Losing is no fun at all. But shouldn’t you work hard every week?

Tampa forward Matt Clare @mattclare6 tweeted before the game last week, “I feel like Ballin out tonight…Let’s get these three points!” (Clare also claims ‘Ballin’ is his occupation in an unrelated tweet)

The tweet was followed up by Clare’s 58th minute sub, none other than Antoniuk, with a bold Cinco de Mayo claim of:

Feeling we might score quattro , maybe even cinco …

Uno goal comes before cuatro & cinco Matt (falling forward)

Ralph’s Mob, Tampa Bay’s beloved supporters group, is also having difficulties with the loss. Their response to a prediction to Saturday’s game was simply, ‘Revenge’.

San Antonio caught us with our pants down. We are better than how we played last night. (@RalphsMob)

The one tweet I partially agree with…yes, we did catch you with your pants down.

Message to the Rowdies players and fans: “Don’t put too much hate into the game Saturday as you move to enact revenge upon us.”

Chinese philosopher Confucius once said, “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves”, implying that a desire for revenge may ultimately hurt the seeker as much as the victim.

Good luck with the Revenge thing Tampa.

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