Dutchman Hans Dennisen knocks home the winning goal against Houston in Tuesday's third-round US Open Cup Match.


It wasn’t US-England 1950…..but it was damn close.

The San Antonio Scorpions stunned the two-time MLS Cup champion Houston Dynamo 1-0 at Heroes Stadium Tuesday night. Hans Dennisen converted a penalty kick in the 51st minute that staked a lead the Scorpions never surrendered.

My write-up between the Texas teams included a comparison of General’s Sam Houston and Santa Anna and their final battle at San Jacinto. Just as the ambush on Santa Anna’s army unfolded, so too did the fateful trap unfold for Houston coach Dominic Kinnear.

San Antonio played the entire game as if their lives depended on the outcome. The Crocketteers’ battle cry, “Victory or Death!, seemed to fall directly in line with the Scorpions inspired production on the field. Hans Dennisen, Pablo Campos, and spot starter Esteban Bayona¬†(filling in for the suspended Walter Ramirez), dominated the front-lines creating multiple scoring opportunities that had Houston dancing on their heels.

GK Daryl Sattler and his band of defenders once again were perfect, recording a clean sheet against the Dynamo.

Houston on the other hand, came out with a very slow-tempo game plan, bordering the line of disrespect for their NASL opponents. Players and coaches acted as if the match was an exhibition, not the historic U.S. Open Cup. If they didn’t want to be here, it showed. Dynamo players lolly-gagged for most of the game, seemingly waiting to counter-attack mistakes a ‘inexperienced expansion team’ like San Antonio should be making.

The mistakes never came.

Scorpion players won 90% of every 50-50 ball, out hustled their MLS counterpart, and more importantly, played with passion and desire. Something Dynamo players wanted nothing to do with.

Let it be known however that Dominic Kinnear didn’t bring his full squad to San Antonio. His lineup consisted of a sour mix of starters, bench players, and reserves. Certainly a valid excuse for unfamiliarity on the pitch between players. Not a valid excuse for a loss however.

Maybe Kinnear will bring his ‘A’ squad next time he comes to our battle grounds. Lesson learned.

But this day goes to the San Antonio Scorpions.

For they are team that simply waited in hiding; ambushing Santa Anna’s Orange Creamsicles when they least expected it.

Let the rivalry begin. Victory Or Death!