New 4 Phase-Plan of Scorpions Stadium

The San Antonio Scorpions have unveiled their latest renderings for Scorpions Stadium.

Key changes to plan:

  1. Total expansion plan is now a four phase project. See older 5 phase plan renderings here.
  2. Final capacity has increased to 18,500 seats.
  3. A new building (Team Shop? Lockers?) are added in Phase III.
  4. Morgan’s Wonderland Logos at stadium corners will remain in all phases.
  5. Final Phase (IV) maintains a more balanced horse-shoe design, keeping the fans closer to the pitch unlike prior Phase V design.
  6. Earliest Phase II would be complete would be sometime during the 2014 season. (If 2013 attendance justifies the expansion).

We are moving forward with the construction of the stadium and you will soon see many of the large three story towers reaching out from the site. Also, we have already started on the architectural plans for phase 2 of the stadium. Phase 2 will allow up to 9,000 seats along with additional restrooms and concession facilities. The plans will be completed and ready for construction after the end of the 2013 season. Therefore, if consistent fan attendance during the 2013 season justifies moving forward with immediate expansion we will do so in an effort to have construction 100% complete for the 2014 season. –

Click Images Below for High Res Versions:


Michael Macias