If you don’t see San Antonio Scorpion players in the Alamo City over the next month, don’t worry. They are all accounted for.

With only eight games left in their inaugural 28-game season, the San Antonio Scorpions embark on what will be their biggest test yet.

Of their final eight matches, five are on the road, beginning with last year’s NASL champion Minnesota Stars FC.

The biggest test of all however will be what follows: 4 of their next 5 matches are away from the friendly confines of Heroes Stadium.

Team president Michael Hitchcock and his logistical department will earn their money over the next month.

Take a look at this itinerary:

-Fly to Minnesota

-Back to Heroes to play Tampa Bay

-Hop on a plane and travel east to Ft. Lauderdale

-Fly back up north to Minnesota

-Finally ending back down south in Carolina

Talk about racking up the frequent flyer miles.

Despite the mileage, the Scorpions have fared well traveling, holding one of the leagues best road records (3W-4T-2L). However, in professional sports, it’s always about “what have you done for me lately?”

A playoff spot is all but locked up for San Antonio. It would take an incredible string of horrific events for the Scorpions to miss the playoffs. Coach Hankinson and his crew do not want to just make the playoffs. Their goal all along has been to win the regular season title.

We’ll soon know the level of perseverance coach Hankinson and his crew are made of.

See the remaining games here at the teams website.