As the Crocketteers continue our efforts to become the best supporters group in North America, the next step is to become an official non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. We asked for nominations to be made at our last meeting in December for candidates that would assure and safeguard the independent status of the group as well as represent the interests of membership. The following positions will be voted upon at our upcoming Annual General Meeting this Sunday, January 13th at 7:00pm held at the Crockett Hotel. Be sure to register if you plan on attending the event (click here to register). Officers of the board will be elected every year.

And now to meet the nominees for the 2013 board positions!


Crocketteers 2013 Nominations to the Board

(Bios written by the candidates)


James Hope –

“I have served as president of the Crocketteers since 2011.  Under my leadership the Crocketteers has grown to nearly 1000 members.  The group is the largest in the state of Texas and continues to grow.  I have grown the facebook and twitter accounts to be the largest in the NASL and even larger than most MLS supporters groups.  I have represented the Crocketteers on both local and national radio and television programs.  Under my leadership we have instituted several community service projects with organizations such as Haven for Hope, Jefferson United, Nothing but Nets, Morgan’s Wonderland and others.  My goals for 2013 are to continue our growth by reaching out to the Scorpions fan base and make our supporters group the best in North America. ”


Rich Moore –

“I have been in the role of Vice President of the Crocketteers for 3 years. I have helped to organize our road trips, watch parties, tailgate parties, drum line and chants. I have developed solid relationships with key members of the San Antonio soccer community and have worked closely with the Scorpions front office staff.  I have also created good standing for our group with other supporters groups (Eberly’s Army, Inferno, Red Shamrock, and others).  I have worked with the other members of the Founding Board to create a top-quality, well-known, growing soccer supporters organization. My goal is to see our group continue to grow our numbers, our quality and our positive reputation. I look forward to another great year for the Crocketteers.”


Steve Arters – 

“I have served as VP-Marketing & Media with the Crocketteers’ Leadership Council for more than three (3) years and have developed and directed the group’s marketing and media efforts.  The news coverage we received during the 2010 World Cup and in various news stories since then have played a major role in increasing the Crocketteers’ presence in the San Antonio market and across Texas and assisted with the growth of our membership numbers.  We have only begun implementing more strategic marketing initiatives, which also will help build the brand and the membership base.  My background is suited for the roles and responsibilities of Secretary and I could continue to serve on the Board and direct marketing / media efforts.  Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.”


Linda Martinez –

“I would like to be considered for the position of treasurer for this upcoming year. I am an active Brigade member of the Crocketteers, and was in charge of the Tailgate committee last year and attended many watch parties and assisted where needed. I work at Randolph AFB, and serve as the Deputy Branch Chief responsible for a budget totaling $1.6B. In addition, I am the program manager for the Formal training program with a budget of $160M; and execute funds for which they were intended, provide monthly reports to management on status of funds. I have a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and over 28 years of Financial Management experience. I have also served as a Vice President for the American Society of Military Comptrollers. Thank you for your consideration.”

AT-LARGE BOARD MEMBERS: (3 positions available)

Chris Hockman –

” I worked at the start up stage with the Central Coast Mariners supporters group in Australia, while also working event days for the club, I have extensive event management experience including the 2009 World Masters’ Games Soccer Tournament.  San Antonio’s only exclusively soccer journalist, with contacts in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio Colleges and Australia.  First paid member of the Crocketteers. Former Third Division (Australia) Assistant Referee.”

Garey Landry –

” I am a Travis 250 member and have helped out at tailgates for grilling and I have also been a drummer for some of the Scorpions games.  I started the first youth Crocketteers soccer team that recently placed 2nd in San Antonio U15 Division 2 and 4th in Western District.  I look forward to serving as an at-large [board] member.”

Michael McDonald –

“I am a big fan of the Scorpions and I never miss a game. My enthusiasm for the sport is contagious. I am one of the original Travis 250 members of the Crocketteers and would bring enthusiasm and new ideas.  I look forward to help this supporters group become the best in the nation. ”

Loren Slater –

” I have been a brigade member since last year but was a non-paid member prior to that. I have experience in dealing with the public and individual people. I have served as a Director at Large on the Texas Ground Water Association for 11 years. I have a love for the game of soccer stemming from my earlier days in school when I played to my passionate following of English Premier League and World Cup events. I would love the opportunity to represent the Crocketteers in the expansion of our causes and soccer in our area. I would like to be involved also with the promotion of The Crocketteers and The SA Scorpions in our community and across the world. I think that increased numbers in membership is a necessity and community involvement is a must.”

Jakob Willmann –

” I am a 27 year old lifetime resident of the city of San Antonio. I was an original member of the Crocketteers Soccer Team. I have been an active member of the Crocketteers Soccer Supporters Group throughout its existence. I have assisted at tailgates, watch parties, meetings, and other events held by the group. I am also the President of the Crocketteers Football Club. As at at-large board member, I hope to chair the Fundraising Committee and any other committees that are asked of me.”


Reminder: In order to cast a vote you must be in good standing with the Crocketteers.  Membership dues can be paid at the event.  Cash, Check and Credit cards are accepted.  Cost to renew is $10 for Travis 250 and Brigade members. Cost for new Brigade membership is $25.

You may also pay online by clicking HERE