You could win a soccer ball signed by the 2013 San Antonio Scorpions!

It took some cunning. We had to stay out of sight, in the shadows, undetected. There was nothing but silence in the tunnel as we crept along, slowly, towards our objective. A light flickered overhead. You could hear a cough in the distance.

Traversing the halls under Toyota Field, a small group of Crocketteers made our way to the player locker room.

Half of the group had been separated early on. We couldn’t wait for them – our mission too important.

The task was difficult. A group usually so loud with songs and chants was having to move from shadow to shadow. Suddenly, not far ahead, a door opened and light shown into the hallway. Everyone froze. An arm could be seen holding the door opened. Voices drifted out from the room beyond. Hearts thumping in our chests, we waited. A laugh. The arm turned back towards the room and the door shut behind it.

The player locker room waited on the other side of that door.

With our goal in sight, we picked up our pace. It wasn’t far now. The small group created a semicircle on the outside of the door. It was time. The closest member grabbed the door knob and threw the door open. A bright light blinded us for an instant but it was done, our mission complete.

Continuing our mission to promote the sport of soccer in San Antonio, the Crocketteers have been able to acquire a SIGNED autographed soccer ball – signed by the 2013 San Antonio Scorpions team. But that’s not all! Also available is ONE autographed Jersey signed by former Crocketteers FC player and now Scorpions midfielder, Sean Arters! Instead of hiding these away in our top secret soccer vault, we decided to turn around and give YOU  the opportunity to win these in a Crocketteers Raffle!

Raffle tickets will be on sell at Crocketteers events and Crocketteers FC soccer games. That means you’ve got two tailgates and one watch party plus a couple Football Club soccer games in between but that’s it! The drawing will be held at the July 4th tailgate before the San Antonio Scorpions take on the Carolina Railhawks in the FINAL game of the Spring 2013 season.

Win an autographed soccer ball or jersey.
Ticket prices: $5.00
Drawing at July 4th tailgate at 6:00 pm.

Tailgates are at Toyota Field, under the bridge of Parking Lot B.
Watch Parties are at sponsor Lion & Rose Pub Park North (Blanco & 410) location.
Most Crocketteers FC games are at STAR Soccer Complex.
Check the events links and FC website for exact times and locations.

You do not have to be present to win.

It’s that easy! Look for our merchandise table to purchase raffle tickets at our Crocketteers events or visit with a Crocketteers FC representative at soccer games. Good luck!