The San Antonio Scorpions won their first away game of the season last week when they traveled to Tampa Bay. It was an unusual play that set up the first goal. A Rowdies defender was judged to have passed the ball back to the goalkeeper who handled the ball setting up an indirect kick from only six yards out. That led to a Scorpions halftime lead despite a strong push from Tampa Bay. The lead slipped away minutes before time was set to expire but super-sub Hans Denissen scored the game winner with less than two minutes left. Denissen now leads all Scorpions with three goals scored this season.

Today’s game is against FC Edmonton who sit tied on points with the San Antonio Scorpions but have also played one extra game. FC Edmonton faced off against Carolina last weekend. Both teams scored a late goal but neither could come up with the winner. That draw helped the Scorpions stay in the hunt for Spring Champions. The Eddies possess the stingiest defense in the league and lead the league with the lowest goals against allowing only nine in ten games. Two of their goalkeepers are ranked in the top four among the league in goals against average with one of them second in total saves.

Bryan Jordan will be available this evening after sitting out with a hamstring injury. Even though he was unable to play in last week’s game, Jordan was glad to see the team come back home with a win. Also available is defender Lyle Martin and midfielder Walter Ramirez. Martin knows tonight’s game is a must win. “We do have that slim chance of finishing at the top of the table, but plain and simple we have to go out and win on Saturday first and foremost.” There is that slim chance to finish at the top of the league but a lot has to go the Scorpions way with the other games.

The Scorpions have four goals in the last two games and seven in the last four. They had four players selected from that road win to the NASL Team of the Week. That adds up to four weeks the Scorpions have had at least three players earn that distinction. There are two new signings looking for their chance to impress as well. Eriq Zavaleta will be playing in his final game of his two week loan from the Seattle Sounders. Haitian forward Fabrice Noel will also be available tonight against FC Edmonton. He is coming back from a three year recovery after an ACL surgery back in 2010. The only player we will for certain not see is recently released Nikola Vasilic. Vasilic played 236 minutes with the Scorpions, scoring one goal in that time, but with the July break coming up, it is assumed that Coach Hankinson is looking for additional player signings before the Fall season starts August 3rd.

Coach Hankinson recently acknowledged the Scorpions poor start to the season. “We continue to try and work ourselves out of a hole that we created. The boys are in a frame of mind to roll up their sleeves and they know the work that has to be done. We are moving in that direction so we are excited about the game on Saturday.” The players have certainly been showing a better chemistry on the field and, if unable to win the Spring season, will look to earn as many points as possible for a boost of confidence before the Fall season begins. Those extra points could come into play if the winner of the Spring season also wins the Fall season. In the new format this season, if the Spring and Fall champions are the same, the second team in the Soccer Bowl Championship game will be the team with the most cumulative point total. Every point counts.

No board comments today.

This will be one of the few times all season the entire roster is available for a game. The Scorpions could know their fate before the second half starts if scores in the other two games do not go our way. FC Edmonton is already eliminated from this season’s sprint to first place but will be playing hard for three points. A loss will eliminate us as well, a tie would require a miracle. The Scorpions must get the win. Scorpions 2 – 0 FC Edmonton.