At dawn on the first of March [1836], Capt. Albert Martin, with 32 men (himself included) from Gonzales and DeWitt’s Colony, passed the lines of maverickalamoSanta Anna and entered the walls of the Alamo, never more to leave them. These men, chiefly husbands and fathers, owning their own homes, voluntarily organized and passed through the lines of an enemy four to six thousand strong, to join 150 of their countrymen and neighbors, in a fortress doomed to destruction. Does American history, or any history, ancient or modern, furnish a parallel to such heroism? ……They willingly entered the beleaguered walls of the Alamo, to swell the little band under Travis, resolved “never to surrender or retreat.” John Henry Brown in History of Texas.

The Gonzalez Relief Force: “The Immortal 32”
Gonzales Mounted Rangers
Captain Albert Martin, Isaac G. Baker, John Cane, George W. Cottle, David P. Cummings, Squire Damon, Jacob C. Darst, John Davis, William Dearduff, Charles Despallier, William Fishbaugh, John Flanders, Dolphin Ward Floyd, Galva Fuqua, John E. Garvin, John E. Gaston, James George, Thomas Jackson, John Benjamin Kellogg II, Andrew Kent, George C. Kimble, William Phillip King, Jonathan L. Lindley, Jesse McCoy, Thomas R. Miller, Isaac Millsaps, George Neggan, Marcus L. Sewell, Wm. E. Summers, George W. Tumlinson, Robert White, Claiborne Wright

Inspired by the passionate appeal from Colonel William B. Travis , Capt. Martin gathered his troops and set off for San Antonio. These men believed in the cause and came to die for that cause. For that commitment we are forever grateful for their service.
Therefore we are starting a new group called the Immortal 32. The Immortal 32 of the Crocketteers will be forever remembered with their names bestowed upon our Crocketteers Trailer. The 32 can be named for an individual, family, company name or even pick a name from the immortal 32!!. The cost is just $100 and proceeds will help to offset the cost of our new trailer.

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