It's the first game of the Fall season. No reason to worry.

It’s the first game of the Fall season. No reason to worry.

Last night’s game was a stunner to be sure. No one would imagine the Scorpions scoring three goals in 18 minutes. No one could have guessed the Rowdies would turn around and score seven of the next eight goals. I’m here to say that there’s no reason to make any roster changes, no reason to worry that the Fall season will be terrible, no reason to even remember last night’s loss.

There’s no reason to think of last night as anything but an anomaly. The Gameday Preparation article from yesterday asked questions for the upcoming season and we now have some answers and glimpses to other answers.

Can the Scorpions continue their win streak? Sadly no. It was a remarkable finish to the Spring season but it wasn’t meant to continue. There is a lot to learn from a loss though. The players have learned the real season has started and they will need to refocus for the upcoming weeks. This focus will only help the Scorpions and the loss provided that spark.

Will new signings be able to adjust? We don’t have a definitive answer yet but the outlook is positive. New Polish striker Tomasz Zahorski played the entire game up top along side Hans Denissen. He looked very good in his Scorpions debut and scored two of the four goals. The pair could be quite a force to be reckoned with as the season moves along.

Can Hans Denissen continue his scoring prowess? Yes, and it took less than three minutes to prove that he wouldn’t have any problem continuing scoring. The first two goals of the night came from a determined Denissen up front. Denissen tweeted “Can’t believe what happened tonight” but the score doesn’t matter. The loss is only one loss no matter how many goals the Rowdies scored. The defense will turn it around.

Did the summer break hurt or help? Unknown. We may never really know the answer to this question. It took three minutes for us to score. That’s awesome. Did the layoff cause seven goals to be scored? Probably not. Scoring three goals in 18 minutes was probably the main contributor. The game wasn’t over and the Rowdies proved it.

Overall, the Scorpions proved that they can still score goals. It’s great to get four goals in a game and most games, that means a win. Hans Denissen will continue scoring and with Zahorski up top, the Scorpions are to be feared. Last night was nothing but an anomaly and the defense isn’t likely to surrender so many goals the rest of the year. Play the team we had on the field last night for the next game; they’ll be motivated for sure.