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Game Details

Date: Thursday, December 10, 2015

Location:  Alamodome   San Antonio, TX

Time: 8:00 pm

Price:  $32 ( Members / $35 (Non Members)

Section: Supporters Section


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Frequently Asked Questions

“What section will my tickets be in?”

Your tickets will be in the supporters section (Section # is TBA).   This section is a singing, chanting and standing section.

“When will I receive my tickets for the match?”

You can print tickets instantly from U.S. Soccer account.

“How many tickets can I purchase at once?”

A total of FOUR tickets (any combination of member and/or non-member tickets)

“I need to purchase more than four tickets  how do I do that?”

You can place another order.

“Will my tickets be together?”


“I am a member. Can I purchase member tickets for non-members?”

Yes. As long as you choose the non-member option for them.

“I am a non-member or a basic member. Can I purchase tickets?”

You bet. Please choose the non-member option

“Will there be a night before party and a tailgate party on game day?”

We will be working with American Outlaws SA on the night before party at Bar America. 723 S Alamo St San Antonio, TX 78205.   Our game day tailgate party is still in the planning stages.  We will pass along the information as soon as we have it.


PLEASE check and make sure your address and email address are correct before ordering.

These are for tickets to the USWNT in San Antonio, TX. These tickets are in the supporter section.

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All sales are final.


James Hope


President of the Crocketteers