Thanks for visiting our new and improved website. The Crocketteers are San Antonio’s Premier Soccer Supporters Group supporting and defending all things San Antonio.

Since 2009, we have been the driving force for pro soccer in San Antonio (We urge you to read Kyle Burkholder’s “Transcending Soccer in San Antonio: A Reflection”) . We love our soccer so and we love our San Antonio FC. With over 1500 members registered, we are proud to state that 430 of those members were paid/active members for the 2016 San Antonio FC Inaugural Season. With our members scattered about the stadium you’re sure to be near one anytime you visit Toyota Field.

Before SAFC matches, we suggest you stop by our free tailgate party on the NW corner of the stadium under the Thousand Oaks Bridge, where you can meet new soccer friends, drink some great beer, eat some fine Kiolbassa sausage, and Synder’s snacks (and all for free). While there, tour the nice Red McCombs’ trucks and vehicles too and partake in some of their games/prize giveaways. Our tailgate parties are open to all fans of San Antonio FC and are certainly something you want to attend consistently before each and every match.

Inside Toyota Field, we proudly wear our soccer scarfs in 100 degree weather, chant for the good guys while harassing the visiting side (in good fun) from all over the stadium.

Hope to see you on San Antonio FC match days,

Victory or Death

Loren Slater, President of the Crocketteers



Loren Slater

President of Crocketteers